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Hide details for  5.10 5.10
SBED4ZCRVVDuring Service Manager initialization the current ID will now be the Server's ID.
LSHR523SBLThe correct subscription sync password is installed under the Security Options Tab in the iNotes Sync Manager, even if the Sync password and the...
MLAT52AS2YDOLS install should not generate insufficient disk space errors on Win2000 clients with several GB free.
Hide details for  5.0.9a 5.0.9a
TMAI53DG36Fixed a problem where Japanese and English resources were mixed after installing DOLS pre-installer and iNotes Web Access.
Hide details for  5.0.9 5.0.9
JIMN4YYJ5MWhen the Service Manager's Master Password is set, the new password is not being used in the Extension Manager. This password is needed to open a...
CLYH4YGM8YFix a problem introduced in R5.0.8 which prevented the iNotes Sync Manager from loading on Win95B.
GGEB4ZGU48Fix Notes authentication for DOLS so that the client's ID file can be upgraded with re-issued certificates.
LSHR4WJMQ3Offline NAB now contains the correct Internet password, even when the Notes password and Internet password are different.
JCAL4VHJYQCompacting is turned off for encrypted subscriptions.
CLYH4XQG7YUser specific selective replication formulas are applied correctly offline.
JLIO4XL7XDIf no Master Password exists, the Old Password field is now disabled in the Options Menu. This regression was introduced in 5.0.8.
JCHN4WRGNMDOLS Sample Discussion template (doldiscsw50.ntf), which contained invalid design items, has been removed. The standard Domino Discussion template is...
JNES4V3FPTLotus iNotes Sync Mgr loads properly on older versions of Win95.
Hide details for  5.0.8 5.0.8
MNOI4G4T3HSelecting the Sync Task icon will now bring the details dialog box to the foreground.
TCAO4UNQWSFixed a problem where alternate names were getting added to the group doc in dolnames.nsf. This regression was introduced in 5.0.7.
Hide details for  5.0.7 5.0.7
JNES4QMRZQThe Web Control Bitmaps page now instructs user to delete default bitmaps, before custom bitmaps are attached.
SBED4Q8S64 Custom program is unable to launch file during setup.
CLYH4QWQ3BCanonicalServerName field is incorrect in Offline Configuration Document. Prior to this fix, the field would show whatever is listed in the location...
Hide details for  5.0.6 5.0.6
JNES4LQHKSFixed a DOLS client crash "Lotus iNotes Installer - Error requesting offline configuration from the server", reported when installing...
CKRL4H7NQADOLS application administrators can now apply a single DOLS offline security policy document to users that have any organizational unit which is...
MNOI4MMRYHCorrected a minor type-o displayed in the Delete Subscription confirmation message.
SBED4MMPY2Fixed a regression problem, where the DOLUNINST.exe processes will stay in memory after deleting a subscription. This was introduced in...
MNOI4PUSLVProvided the correct spelling of "Slovenian" on the Web Control Language drop-down menu.


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